Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wee(wee) beastie

My baby is potty training!! Which is a fancy way of saying that I am in the depths of hell for the next few days/weeks/MONTHS(?!?!?!) -- However long it takes for her to stop sneaking off into the corner of a room and peeing like a naughty puppy dog.
Wee Beastie in her dry (for now) panties!

 I am using a three-day potty training method that my cousin, Melissa, passed along to me when I was training Avery. Honestly, I think it's going pretty well! And, more than anything, I am so very very very very very very (get it?) glad to be done with diapers! This method is pretty intensive -We are both so sick of hearing me say, "Let Mommy know when you need to use the potty, OK?" that we could scream, but it really does seem to be working. 
If you are in need of some potty training help just leave a comment and I will gladly send you an email of the method I am using!
 Speaking of Carter, how cute is she!? She is getting so big and smart! She is 26 months old and can communicate really, really well. The best part is that whatever I don't understand, her big sister does. Avery speaks jibberish-ese very fluently, and she and Carter have a very sweet, sometimes volatile, but mostly giggly relationship that I love taking part in.
 They still look NOTHING alike, which bothers me to no end, but the fact that they play so well together makes up for it. I still can't believe Avery starts Kindergarten in one week!
Seriously, if she isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen then probably you live on a bunny/teddy bear/unicorn farm.
 The best part about being the mother of two of the world's cutest children is that I get to accept all compliments directed to said-world's-cutest-children as if they are actually directed at me. For example: 
Stranger Who Loves to Point Out the Obvious: "Oh my gosh!! Look at these two! How cute are they?!"
Me, looking down with unsurprised-yet-sincere flattered-ness: "Aww, thank you!"
It never gets old. 
But cleaning toddler pee out of my carpet does. 
Pray for us.
Carter on her first-ever horsey ride!


Jenna said...

Send that method my way! Lily is almost 30 months and I haven't started yet. Im scared!!

Melissa Braegger said...

You'll do great, just stick with it. The first day with Adeline I was in hell and decided that we would just wait. So I went and bought a big box of diapers and of course the very next day she was all on board using the potty and we haven't looked back since:) I feel your pain though and this too shall pass.

Sara said...

I'd like an email!