Tuesday, March 30, 2010

just like heaven

This is my sigh of relief. After just about 6 months of working every single Sunday, Klayton's schedule at Center Partners has finally changed!! He now has Sunday and Monday off, and, let me tell you, it is heavenly!!

On top of working at his own, one-man-show property management business about 30 hours a week (he manages about 50 units around town, and it's growing all of the time!), Klayton is also a full time supervisor of the French language team at Center Partners, a call center that manages an account for Sony Playstation. It's a good job, but he is the newest supervisor so he gets last pick of the schedules, which basically sucks. I'm so proud of how hard he works and how dedicated he is to providing for us and reaching his goals. He is an inspiration to me constantly! But being a single mom every Sunday has been tough! And it's even more tough to know how much rest and peace and Spirit-feeling goodness he has missed out on for the last while. The man deserves a day of rest!! This is the first week of his new schedule and Sunday was pretty much the perfect day.

I made K and Av stand together with the self-timer on our camera going before we went to church. It's pretty much a masochistic thing at this point, since every week I get puffier, but I K and Av look so nice (thanks for the gorgeous Easter dress, mom!!), I had to try. Here's to Sundays spent together!!


Sam and Livi said...

cutest picture ever!! glad things are going well

Kaja said...

cute family! i tell ya, if matt worked on sundays i'd probably skip out..LOL! i admire you for toughing it out and going anyway.

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