Thursday, December 3, 2009


On Tuesday I purchased this Gingerbread Kit and we had lots of fun making a Christmas train. Avery loves trains. And frosting. And candy. Turns out she's not that crazy about decorating gingerbread, though. Especially if it means that she's not supposed to eat said frosting and candy. She's definitely her mama's girl.

I love this picture. Klayton was blinking on purpose to make me grumble at him. Avery was blinking on accident. Do they have IDENTICAL FACES or what?? haha

I bought Avery some pirate gear at the Dollar Store and she loves to wear it. She makes me put her eye patch on and get out her Hello Kitty boots. Then she asks me to get Rocky's pirate hat out. I give her things like Mac and Cheese boxes from the pantry and tell her that it's treasure. Yarrr.


Little Farmer Family said...

MANDY!!! CONGRATS!!! I just was catching up your blog and noticed your side bar saying you were pregnant!! I am so excited for you guys and hope everything goes super perfect for you guys!:) Oh,and I saw New Moon for the second time last night!! :)

Andrea :) said...

She is so darling! ARRRGH, me mateys!