Wednesday, June 10, 2009

girl talk

Went out to dinner with my sisters-in-law tonight and had a blast! Klayton and Troy were on babysitting duty while the four of us went to Craigo's to eat and chat... for two hours! Oops. I love these girls. I'm so lucky to have great in-laws. Thank you Mackenzie for graduating (our excuse to go out and celebrate) and for being so sweet. Thank you Shellena for coming and talking books with me (Peeta is totally going to beat Gale and win Katniss and make lots of bread-making, arrow-shooting babies with her). And thank you Mandy for being the person who is always there to chat, commiserate about shouting obscenities at old ladies on the street, give mommy advice, and laugh with. You girls are the best.

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Casey Golledge said...

Hey mandy!! How are you guys! I love girls nights and o how i miss craigos!!