Thursday, November 20, 2008

i'm so glad that you found me

**warning. it is my wedding anniversary and this is a mushy post about how much i love my spouse. not recommended reading for those with weak stomachs...***
today i have been married for four years. yep, that's right. i married klayton the day after i turned twenty (i refused to be a teenage bride- haha). it seems like a lot of time from some view points; for instance, i have now been married for the same amount of time that i spent in high school (and those four years of my life went on FOR-EV-ER). it also seems to have gone by in Star Wars lightspeed; when i look back it's all blurry lines and holding onto my seat for dear life. the one thing, though, about the last four years that i still marvel at (and there is no end in sight, either) is how much i love klayton more all of the time.
when we were young and silly and the king and queen of PDA (i officially apologize to anyone and everyone who had to spend time with us back then), i thought that would be the best time of our lives. then when we were married for a while and together all of the time, but would still stay up until midnight giggling and talking and dreaming, i would think to myself, "okay, this is it. this is perfect." but it keeps getting better. falling in love with klayton always seemed too easy to me. i was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the happiness police to come and say, "alright. you've had enough." but klayton is my best friend and an amazing person that i still admire more all of the time. even through the hard stuff, klayton makes it easy to be with him. i am so lucky to have found klayton. he's my best friend and the best husband. he really is everything i always wanted, and all that i never even thought to ask for.
i love you, babe!

here's us on our first date! it was an 80's dance.

i had such a big crush on him. haha.

that summer was so much fun. we got engaged in august, just a few months after we started dating.

here's our cutesy engagement pic.

and one of us dancing at our wedding.

we just get better looking as this goes on!! haha. this was a couple of years ago, when i was preg with av.

the happy fam in france. getting to go around klayton's mission with him was like getting to see a huge piece of what makes him who he is. it was an amazing time.


Mickie Ann said...

YA!! You made it another year!! I think you two are MADE PERFECT together!! COngrats on your Anv!! And Happy Birthday... next month we need to get together... I'll have it at my place if we want!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Matt said...

Thanks for the overdue apology. It was a bit disturbing watching you two.
Just found your blog, though, and look forward to snooping thru your public posts.