Monday, December 17, 2007

life with mandy

my sister-in-law's name is mandy. a weird coincidence, i know. at first when i got married it was kind of strange. we'd all be at klayton's parent's house and someone would say "HEY MANDY!" they were rarely talking to me. anyway, mandy is amazing. she has become one of my best friends in the past few years and i am SO grateful that i married into her family! just more icing on top of my klayton cake!
i got to go home to idaho this weekend with avery so she could get her RSV shot (synergys... or something like that) and we had a blast! i was a little stressed to fly alone with a fussy baby, but thankfully avery was great all weekend. she loved being around all of mandy's kids, who made a non-stop fuss over her. it was so good to be back in idaho, despite the snow and ice. i actually enjoyed the cold weather if you can believe it! it's been a month since we moved and i miss it so much. klayton's family are a big part of missing idaho, especially mandy and her family. it was such a treat, though, because i got to experience something i never would have been able to had we not moved to vegas: i got to be a guest at mandy's house! i know it sounds silly, but seriously, it was great. mandy and troy (her husband) set up a blow up mattress on their living room floor by the christmas tree and stayed there all weekend so avery and i could have their room and bathroom (they shared with their toddler and pre-k girls, elle and ava, and their 6 month old son, milo). i can't honestly say that i would have been as nice, which made me feel a little bit bad about myself until i remembered that mandy is a saint. i can't live up to that kind of pressure. but we watched a different christmas movie every night, we went shopping, we shared recipes (haha)- it was perfect.
i've been feeling really blessed lately because of all of the great people in my life, especially my wonderful family. i miss our family in idaho and i'm so glad to be so close to my family here in las vegas, especially around the holidays! here's to family!

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