Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hello you sick, twisted freak

Klayton, Avery and I, along with my sister-in-law, Mandy, and her family, got to meet Glenn Beck last night. He was signing copies of his book, The Christmas Sweater, at Barnes and Noble. The amount of people who showed up to shake his hand was insane! The line wound all through B&N and out around the inside of the west end of the mall. We bought our book on the first day it came out, so we were tenth in line (phew!), but I would have waited all night to meet him. Beyond his personal story and conversion to the Church, which is truly remarkable, I think Glenn Beck is a great American.
In times where good values and morals go together with politics about as well as peanut butter goes with salmon, Glenn is someone who believes in America. Listening to his radio show makes me have hope for our country even with the poor economy and silly policies passing and bail-outs and all of this nonsense going on.
On top of the political stuff, Glenn's book, The Christmas Sweater, is a great semi-autobiographical tale of a confused boy who finds that he, like all of us, is worhty of redepmtion. The moral that families and the love in our lives are the best gifts we could possibly ask for is a great reminder in the Christmas season.


The Waldon Family said...

That's awesome, I can't believe you got to meet him!! I also loved the peanut butter and salmon mental picture... gross!

Kristine said...

how cool that you got to meet him! that book sounds great...thanks for the review!

K8 said...

love him! you get to see all the celebs! seriously!